Paneled Trackers - Black
Paneled Trackers - Black
Paneled Trackers - Black
Paneled Trackers - Black
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Paneled Trackers - Black
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The Paneled Trackers is a sportswear inspired piece made from 380g cotton fleece. It has a paneled design construction and features tech waterproof zippers on the front pockets and ankles. 

*Please check your size prior to checking out. We cannot modify orders once they are placed.*

Fit Information:
Model is 6'2 and 158lbs wearing size medium Trackers. Model is sz 32w in pants. Please consider your size, build, and fit preference when choosing a size. If you like them skinny, stay true to size. If you want the extra taper and room, size up. This product may also feel snug due to the thickness of the material but should stretch to fit within time.

(inches) S (28-30) M (30-33) L (32-34) XL (36-38) 2XL
Waist (stretches up to 3") 16" 17" 18" 19" 20"
Inseam 32-33" 32-33" 32-33" 32-33" 32-33"
Specs 5'4-5'8, 135-155lbs 5'6-6'0, 145-170lbs 5'7-6'1, 165-190lbs 5'8-6+, 185-200+lbs 5'8-6+ 200+lbs



What are Trackers?
What we refer to at Killion as Trackers; a modern track pants reimagined and repurposed as a lifestyle trouser piece that can be worn as a ready to wear alternative to joggers or your average pants. It has a uniquely tapered fit that is slim to the ankles. 

How do they fit?
Trackers are slim fitting similar to skinny jeans with a little more give and some stretch. The bottom leg has a zipper to allow entry. It has a perfectly cut tapered leg.

How to choose your size
We've detailed general specifications below. Please consider your waist size and your build. If you usually wear skinny pants and like them that way, stay true to your size. If you want your trackers to slightly have more room (tapered slim fit style like the usual joggers), size up. Please keep in mind that trackers are skinnier than joggers but they also stretch. Check the fit photos for reference.